On my Beverage feed-line RG6 runs (some 200 feet) I use multi-turns a large toroid on each feed-line and the attach each coax to a grounding block and good ground rods (typical Hume Depot RG-6 variety) then on the other side of the grounding block before the coax runs about 20 feet to the Beverage Switch I have another large wound 13 turn toroid. I have since learned that I probably have all my feed-line noise suppression stuff in the wrong place and that the equipment side toroids are probably useless anyway. Now I am told that this noise pickup suppression stuff needs to be out by the actual Beverage feed and about 20-30 feet away. The reasoning is that the noise pickup by the feed-line needs to be blocked from coupling into the antenna itself. Is this true?

I am starting to move the toroid-ground-toriod RG-6 "T" combos out closer to the antennas. I noticed that DX-Engineering sells an RFCC-1 box designed for Beverage coax runs but suggests it be place about 20 to 30' from the Beverage feed which has it's own separate ground rod. I bought one and before I put it out near the Beverage feed I thought I would it in place of the toroid system near the shack on one of the Beverage feedlines. However when I grounded the unit to the Beverage ground system near the shack I immediately noticed the noise floor jump up by about 10 db. I now know it is in the wrong place but this test with the DXE RFCC-1 may prove something of interest. Please correct my assumption if it is wrong: Noise pickup from long Beverage feed-lines flows back toward the Beverage feed point and then it is coupled via the feed point transformer back down the center conductor to the receiver. If this is true I will remove all toroids at the house and put them out near Beverage feed points (about 30 feet away with separate grounds based on the advice I receive back from this post.

Please let me know what you think about this.

Herb Schoenbohm. KV4FZ

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