I'm in AZ. SR at 1419z and SS at 0019z. I heard you on 80m CW yesterday
just before and during our SR abt 339/449. I have 3B9 on 80m so I didn't
call. However, many of us on the West Coast do need 3B9 on 160m. Anytime I
see a spot for you on TB I have listened when we might have propagation.
During one of our SS I could tell you were on 80m CW but you were being
called by all the rest of NA making it almost impossible for any WC to get

Two suggestions:  please be on by 1400z, since we may have only a 20 minute
window at our SR. Other W6s and W7s will have much more darkness so please
listen. Could you move your tx antenna closer to the lagoon? I understand
that if the tx antenna is more than a 1/2 wave from water, it does not help
the signal much.

73, and tnx for your effort.


On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 5:21 AM, JC <n...@comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi Olof
> Your signal was very good during the weekend contest 569 solid working
> Europe, I called you several times one hour before your sunrise,. Yesterday
> I heard you again on 160m with QSB and very weak signal. There was two
> peaks
> one 20 minutes before your sunrise and a second one 20 minutes after your
> sunrise, but just above the noise Q4.
> Conditions are recovering from last magnetic storm and can be very good
> during the weekend,
> Regards
> JC
> N4IS
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> Subject: Topband: Top band from Indian Ocean - 3B9HA
> Following CQWWCW I am staying on in 3B9 through sunrise December 12th.
> This is not a DXpedition in its traditional sense but I will try to spend a
> few hours on the radio every day. So far 320 qsos logged on top band but
> only 11 with NA. On 80 the log has 250 qsos with 82 NA.
> Plan is to be on around local sunset 1413z and sunrise 0458z.
> Local noise floor is low but US signals worked have been barely readable
> above the noise floor with signals on 80 of course much better. Also
> interesting LP opening at my sunset but not my best takeoff in that
> direction.
> I am about 150m from the lagoon and some 30m up looking north with sloping
> terrain and good takeoff 240deg through 60deg.
> I'm using a toploaded umbrella-style vertical on 160 inspired by N6LF
> writings. It is supported by 16m out of an 18m spiderbeam pole and there
> are
> some 40 radials of varying length 10-20m on the very dry rocky ground.
> The same pole and radial field supports a parallel inverted L for 80. All
> driven by a K3 or KX3 and SPE 1.3K at 800w.
> 73 Olof G0CKV
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