Is your 80m 4square like the ON4UN with the L pointing towards each other. I 
was reading his book the other night. Great stuff.
Darrell AB2E
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I think Bill KH7XS just went through this exercise.

That said, my (Comtek) 80m 4-square is made 100% from wire and hung in the
woods as inverted L's.

Raised radials.

Seems to work.  Electrons don't (really) care if you use $1000 worth of
aluminum or $100 of used wire.

Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB

Hi  Folks,

I've decided to get serious and try to put up an 80 meter 4-Square around my

117' tower of Rohn 55. Getting into my place can be a VERY SERIOUS CHALLENGE

any tandem rig so that may make getting 40' long 3" and 2" irrigation tubing

difficult to deliver. I've got new steel racks on my 3/4 ton Dodge pickup
but I

think the best I can do in length is about 25' or so. Has anyone come up
with a

better method to build some 80 meter 1/4 wavelength verticals that won't
cost a

ton of bucks?  There is also the problem of going from 3" to 2" tubing with

conductive joint. Probably will just see if the local supplier can deliver

and let them deal with that busy narrow road.

I'm going to be elevating the verticals about 10' up  with elevated radials

some of the info in 'Low Band DXing'. Thought  about using wire verticals

would like something a bit more substantial. Do need something that can give

some serious help on that band.

Any help?


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