Someone recently asked why sometimes it takes awhile for messages to appear
and other times, they appear instantly.

The answer is simple - MODERATION.

As I have said before - this list is typically wide open and messages are
posted immediately.

Most of the time this works.

Sometimes it does not.  I believe these are the typical times they do not:

1. A thread gets a lot of momentum and gets lots of action.  This in itself
if not a bad thing,
but typically getting the thread to die down takes some intervention.
After most of the
significant points have been made - the subject matter is no longer of
interest to 99 percent
of the people on the list.  At this point, the thread should go off the
list and just be an email
thread between the two or three people who want to continue to the

2. An issue comes up that is way off subject - but gets traction.

3. A thread starts getting too personal - and having too many words in ALL

I am not quick to go into moderation mode as I tend to be less aware of
when one of the
above criteria has been achieved.  Others on the list send me messages and
let me know
that action might need to be taken.

When the list is moderated - I might be busy or forget to check the
messages that have been
stored waiting for a decision.

At any rate - I wanted to answer the question.

In other news - the N6TR station in Hillsboro, Oregon has been taken down.
My wife Dawn and
I have found a house to buy and its time for us to get back into the
housing market.  We have
found a lovely place that is on 28 acres with lots of interesting
contours.  A bonus is finding out
the HV power lines within a mile of the place are under ground!!  I should
have things back near
full strength on 160 meters before the next season.  Likely - things will
be better on receive as I
have lots of room for phased beverages and the like.

73 The Management - Tree N6TR
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