Guys - there is already a system with a "flood of signals " authorized for ADSL 
and VDSL . They go thru 160 , 80 , 40 every 4 khz (specs say every 4.375 khz) 
but here in NE Phoenix they are precisely 4.000 khz spacing . I spent 75 days 
with Centurylink with carriers every 4 khz as loud as -75 dBm . 

So here we are almost 2 years later - they ran a new cable and left the old one 
and stuff hanging down all over the place and I have carriers across 80 and 40 
meters - 40 particularly bad as much as -90 dBm - This one is interesting , the 
comb stops right at the FT8 window .Must be a ham who works FT8 settng freqs. 

I guess I am the only one in the USA hearing this stuff - RFI reflector was 
deathly silence when I asked about it . Maybe I am in the midst of the lousiest 
; leakiest Clink system in the USA . 

ADSL - can use up to 2.2 mhz , VDSL up to 12 and VDSL2 up to 30 mhz in 4.3125 
khz "bins 
Discrete Multitone -- DMT technology . 

Hank K7HP . 

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Without question it leaves the gate open for a flood of signals that will do 
away with ALL weak signal work on that band. Definition of weak signal in this 
case anything less than an effective ERP less than their tx power out plus 
antenna gain. And as long as we stay within our license limits we can’t match 
or make ANY contacts outside of a 20 mi radius day or nite with 1.5 kw and FT8 
Forget cw or Ssb. Or any other modes. 

Make this a great day 

> On Feb 13, 2018, at 1:36 PM, Roger Kennedy <> 
> wrote: 
> I don't care that this will never be a practical way of transferring power . 
> . . 
> But aren't any of you guys worried about the fact that their licence allows 
> them to transmit ANWHERE within Top Band? 
> This could be some horrible wideband signal that generates a lot of QRM ! 
> Roger G3YRO 
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