Ken,Good catch! Heard i u calling uk9aa but never heard him. He's been spotted 
a lot but it would take some very special /weird condx for us to hear him.
Otherwise, checked the band several times but never heard EU last nigjt, 0500 - 
0800z, EU SR.
Ray,Near Prescott, AZ

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Activity Night 
Thanks for the QSO Roger.  If it were not for your exhortation to be on the
band on Wednesday evenings, I would have missed a QSO with UK9AA.  That's a
fairly rare one from this side of the pond.


Ken - K4XL

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 5:48 AM, Roger Kennedy <> wrote:

> Well conditions were strange last night . . .
> Generally poor propagation . . . and high background noise here (even on my
> Rx aerial) - apologies if you were one of the stations I heard calling, but
> couldn't pull out of the noise.
> However, I did manage to work 16 NA stations in the 2 hours I stayed on,
> including across to Texas.
> What was more weird was some of my RBN reports from NA stations (which I
> often view when the band's quiet, to check propagation) - several gave me
> over 40dB above the noise, one even +48dB !
> Thanks to everyone who came on (inc several EU stations) . . .
> I shall be on at the weekend, and certainly next Wednesday again.
> 73 Roger G3YRO
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