Thanks Jose. Many of us monitoring 1824 last night. I stayed up till 0300z but 
nothing heard. Will you be on tonight? If your signal is not picked up by rbn 
can you please cq at least at the beginning of each hour so that we can all 
73 John G3XHZ

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> On 11 Mar 2018, at 11:34, Jose Ramon <> wrote:
> We'll start tonight on top band from the beautiful Congo coast. 880 ft (270
> m) Beverages set to NW, N and NE. An additional steerable diamond shape
> loop is attached to the rx aerials control box so any station can choose
> among 4 directions from 160 to 30m. Noise level is not bad on the 18m high
> inverted L.
> Hope to log you all, conditions permitting.
> 73 es GL
> Jose, TN/EA7KW.
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