Hi Gang

Having just returned from Spratly with the team and, while this is still clear 
in my mind, I thought I would pen a few lines to relate what it was to be a 
part of this venture.  We will try to organize it into multiple discrete 

The Offer to Join the Expedition

The Original Planning for 160m with YT5A and K1LZ

Departure Date Bad Luck and its Consequences

Cooling our Heels in Sabah (and me with LOST LUGGAGE and no clean clothes for 4 

Actual Departure on 08 March and Setup on Layang Layang

Day 1 - Results and LESSONS LEARNED!

Day 2 - Total Revision of 160M Approach

Day 3 - Rx Adjustments including an effective RX Antenna for EU

Day 4 - An attempt to get an Rx antenna for NA short path that worked

Day 5 - The decision to keep 160m QRV for one more sunset - and takedown at 
0300 in the dark (in the pouring rain)

Operating Impressions - Basically a review of "on the air" impediments that 
added to fatigue and frustration most of the time

Epilogue - Lessons learned and why certain 160m goals are very hard to achieve 
on Layang Layang

Since this PC crashes and blue screens at will, we will attempt this in small 

73 JEFF  K1ZM (on behalf of K1LZ/JT1CO/WD5COV - who were the principal 
operators of 160m at 9M0W)

Jeff Briggs
DXing on the Edge: The Thrill of 160 Meters 
Available worldwide through BookBaby, Array Solutions, DX Engineering, Royal 
Society of Great Britain, & Amazon

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