At our SS time of 1033z, Bob DU7ET was again there to greet us and help out.;

While it was quiet for 25 mins or so - I alone mislogged W4ZV as N4IS (this was 
entirely possible due to the doppler effect on this path on a RST 219 signal!) 
- me BAD - so sincere apologies to Bill - but I know he did not need the 
country - at least he now knows he was HEARD!

We worked KJ9I and others - W5IZ was in for at least an hour and finally heard 
his report on a peak - congrats Alan - you were good copy the whole time and 
glad you finally heard US!

As the sun marched across the US to the West coast - our noise (QRN) became 
unbearable and a few guys like AE6C we just could not put together amidst S9 
incessant crashes.

I heard C, I heard 6C but never could get  the rest - I tried for a solid 10 
mins with him -  then he went into daylight - so sorry - I really tried hard on 
that one.  Again, we only had the xmit antenna for RX into NA - and under that 
kind of noise (it was the storm coming at us!) - the final two hours into W7 
and W6 were a major disappointment for us - we apologize for really being MORE 

Krassy and CHAK JT1CO took over for the final 4 hour  EU run on 160m and worked 
at least another 150 stations.
Eu signals compared to NA are about 3-4 s units louder on Spratly on Topband - 
it is always the way.

About 3:45AM local time, we decided we had to abandon the EU pileup to take 
down our stuff - basically three verticals, a tribander and something for 40  
came down in the rain in 2.5 hours - was packed and we prepared for our 
departure at 0700 hours local time.

We thanked our host Mark Peter and his staff for their wonderful support and we 
only wish we could have worked more NA east coast.  There really is not enough 
common darkness on 160m into W1` at this time of year -  & while we hoped for 
AA1K in Delaware and N4RJ in GA - we just could not make that happen either  - 
but we did try on all the right openings.  I do know our PINGS were heard in NE 
- but not enuff signal to make QSO's -=pity!

I'll do one more before heading to the KK airport.

I understand yet another Nor-easter awaits me at Logan airport - GREAT!  - 
three vicious East coast storms in 12 days - just what I needed on the way home 
to Cape Cod.


Must be "Murphy's Law"

73 Jeff for the 160m TEAM OF PY2XB/K1LZ/JT1CO/WD5COV

Jeff Briggs
DXing on the Edge: The Thrill of 160 Meters 
Available worldwide through BookBaby, Array Solutions, DX Engineering, Royal 
Society of Great Britain, & Amazon

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