I thought that conditions on Wednesday evening were pretty darn good at times, but some strange things were going on.  Roger G3YRO, was good copy running between S7 and S9, which is a great signal. I think the K3 was showing S3 with background noise.  I noted that the RBN was providing some pretty loud spots from Europe around  0100 UT and much weaker spots after 0200 UT, and then nothing later on.  I also worked G3JMJ with loud signals. I really enjoyed the fact that any T-storm noise was not too loud. I can deal with 10-20 dB but 40 to 50 dB crashes cause me to spill my drink every time.  I have been trying to evaluate my enlarged Europe beverage. It was put together at the end of the DX season for most folks and activity is way down.  I am thinking that it is working great. I am combining two rather long wires that are spaced 380 feet apart. The separate feed lines are combined in an NCC-1 phasing box. Either antenna when added to the other causes a slight increase in noise. The addition is the same for either wire. I can null most signals and then add 180 degrees and the signals get really loud.  Over the last few weeks I must say that signals from Europe have been better than normal for me. That is a good sign. It is so hard to evaluate antennas without a reference.


Dave K1WHS

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