A final reminder that the summer Stew Perry contest is happening this
weekend.  After being silent in March, I am hoping to get K7RAT back on the
air in time to hand out some QSOs.  Will likely be a tree supported wire of
some kind at the new QTH.

Rules and previous results are here:


Remember the brand new Stew Perry Quatre Seasons Award!!

This special award - which will likely consist of a plaque - will be
presented to the single-op participant who accumulates the highest total of
points over the four events for a given year.

This is the second event for 2018 - so you can add to your score from March.
Your points will be counted regardless of which power category you enter.
Note that the low power entry has a 1.5X multiplier and the QRP one has a
3X multiplier.  You figure out which category will help your overall total
at the end of the year.

Tree N6TR
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