WTG Jeff and Miriam !


I am always wanting to go to Zone 2 for some contest, but time, money and
work/home commitments thus far have prevented it.


WRT to Steve's comments, I am *very* surprised that few VK's have worked
Zone 2.

In recent memory VO2AAA/VO2AC have put on 2 pretty big 160m contest
expeditions from the Point Amour Lighthouse in Labrador with exceptional
antennas and huge signals into NA and EU.(and elsewhere)


I know that Yuri VE3DZ goes there into the QC side of Zone 2 nearly every
year as VE2IM (sometimes twice a year)

usually for CQWW and other contests..but I *think*.(I stand to be
corrected), he uses a relatively low Inverted L for TopBand,.he's always
loud here but I am <1000kms away, so can't judge what he might sound like on
the other side of the planet.


There are usually a smattering of other VE2/VE3 ops that go to VE2(Zone 2)
contest operations from time to time and an occasional one from the
Clubhouse in Lab city by Americans, VO1MP and others.  All in all it's not
rare, but evidently nobody is concentrating on 160 (except VO2AAA/VO2AC) to
work Asia/Pacific I guess.


I am pleased to know at least a few very distant DX stns were able to do it
with my 'neighbours' over there on PEI...


I only operate CW/SSB and a sprinkling of RTTY, so won't make any comments
about the FT-modes lest I get myself in trouble.hi hi ;-)


Mike VE9AA/VO2DX.etc.


In common with most topbanders any in this area, one of the two remaining

I need on 160m after 24 years of operation from here is Zone 2, so I hope

and Jeff will go back one day. ;-)


I am guessing you went to/near the southern boundary of Zone 2 in Quebec - 

which is the best - possibly the only area - where it is possible to work

this part of the globe. Over the years I have listened for just about every 

DXpedition that operated on 160m from Zone 2 and I have only ever heard one

which was from this area. Despite the efforts of many from VO2, not a peep

heard from here.


I should add that I am a CW operator.


In the past there have been several longtime topbanders in the US who have 

appreciated how difficult it is to work some zones from this part of the

and made special efforts to work us on their DXpeditions.


I would particularly like to pay tribute to your husband Jeff, George W8UVZ,

Bob K4UEE and Jerry WB9Z. However, this kind of knowledge and effort has

unusual - which is why I'd like to thank you particularly on our behalf.


Here's hoping someone will go to the Zone 2 part of Quebec for the upcoming

WW CW or the CQ 160 CW.


It'd also be nice if there was a DXpedition to Zone 12, in particular Easter

Island or San Felix (CE0) who did a heap of 160m CW at times that suited the

Asia/Indian Ocean/Pacific area - now that'd make a good holiday destination

some topbander. ;-)


Vy 73


Steve, VK6VZ (also G3ZZD and VY2LF)


Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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