/On March 4, 2020, we received a QSL Card that you submitted to ARRL for an OK1RD 160-Meter CW credit (a QSL Card claiming a QSO with Jarvis Island dated April 15, 1990). That original card is being returned herein. The card you supplied includes a white adhesive label - applied over the original card QSO information section - with a circular stain (water or other) over the signal report.////As all QSOs from this 1990 expedition are viewable online, and as the original logs are still available from the participants for QSO verification, a review of these Jarvis Island 1990 log records has been conducted with a finding that://

///This operation had no QSO with OK1RD on 160 meters on any mode, and in fact //The group had no European 160-meter QSOs at all on April 15, April 16, or April 17, 1990./


///*As the submission of otherwise Invalid QSL Confirmations (Eg, the claimed April 14, 1990, Jarvis Island 160-meter CW Card) is a violation of ARRL DXCC Rules, _you are Disqualified from DXCC Membership.

/*__*//*Your current OK1RD, OK1YQ and OK7XX DXCC records (Awards for all bands and all modes) will be expunged (deleted), and your OK1RD, OK1YQ and OK7XX call signs will be removed from all DXCC listings. */

///DXCC Program Section 1, Rules 12, 13, 14 and 15 refer to the DXCC Program Requirements, Audit processes, Code of Conduct, and Binding Requirements.//

///Enclosed also is a copy of the April 14, 2014, ARRL correspondence from Bill Moore, NC1L, regarding your DXCC status.//

///Sincerely, //

///Bart Jahnke, W9JJ/

/ARRL Radiosport Manager/


/Sent Via Letter - Courier and Email/

*How can I be disqualify****according to Rules 12,13,14,14****when I did not fulfil Rules 15,16 and 17*


*i.e. I did not apply in any written form for the credit of that AH3J QSL card, I only asked for QSL*


*card****appraisal, I repeat : QSL card****appraisal.****It has nothing to do with****The DXCC****Rules2 ?*


/Dear Sharon //
////sorry to turn directly to you, but it seems to me to be the right way to go, to avoid any questioning of mine incidental further DXCC 160m application. It is true so : // ////I had nothing to call on the bands so I decided apply for DXCC on the other bands as well. I started to select QSL cards for DXCC on 40m band. I put together quite good score and during QSL 40m browsing I found QSL from 160m band among them. This is about QSL origin for my QSO with AH3C/KH5J from 1990 year on mentioned 160m band. I know I have this qso in my paper, that time, log but I was not able to find one before. This QSL is slightly damaged but all needed data are clearly seen on one. Since deciding on the validity of this ticket, it seems to me that it is fine, can only decide the ARRL DXCC office, I would like to send the QSL card directly to you instead of way via OK1MP. In case you agree I post you by registered mail this QSL card directly. You can investigate damage rate on place and in case decide if that QSL is acceptable for DXCC. Than I would apply for one. //
////Please advice me if this way above is O.K. for DXCC office. //
////Thank you fro all and //
////best regards //
////Jarda, OK1RD /

*If****The DXCC****Rules are still****valid,****how can I be disqualified according to them when I did nothing****against them ??*

Please kindly,W9JJandW3IZexplain meit.

73 Jarda, OK1RD
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