plus, you are, as comes from the discussion at Topband you deliberately stated *"**The card you supplied includes a white adhesive label - applied over the original card QSO information section - with a circular stain (water or other) over the signal report."*

This misled almost everyone that the AH3C/KH5 was edited by me. Since you had the QSL in your hand you knew and saw that there is nothing written under label. Illustrative example of how DXCC Committee works.

Based on my request for appraisal of the QSL follow DXCC rules your right was only to say " GOOD QSL or NOT ACCEPTED QSL. You broke DXCC rules in a crude way by excluding me from DXCC. You're damaging a good name of the ARRL organization with your action.

Go on this way and

73 Jarda, OK1RD

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