Dear Users,

We at TopQuadrant are pleased to announce the official release of TopBraid 

TopBraid 5.5 focuses on improvements to existing features and incorporating 
customer feedback into existing product capabilities.

For more details, please see the 5.5 Release Notes:

TopBraid Composer 5.5:

* Licensed EVN, EDG and TBL customers can access the beta versions of the 
enterprise server distributions at these links:
 - TopBraid Live download:
 - TopBraid EVN download:
 - TopBraid EDG download:

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
 - TopBraid Suite Users forum:
 - Composer support: 
 - TopBraid Server products support (valid TBL, EVN, and EDG licenses): use 
our online ticket system <>, or contact 
support directly at <>  (Tel: 
+1 919-300-7945)
 - Sales: <>

Thank you,

The TopBraid Team

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