I am working in the research group of Dr. Steven Ray at CMU and I would 
like to ask whether any arbitrary SPARQLMotion script could be invoked via 
a SPARQL query to a SPARQL endpoint. 

More specifically, we have several SPARQLMotion scripts and our system's 
architecture is such that the clients send SPARQL queries to an endpoint, 
which they call various SPIN functions that correspond to the registered 
functions of the SPARQLMotion scripts. This process seemed to work fine 
until a more complex SPARQLMotion script was deployed, involving an 
IterateOverSelect and BranchByASK modules (all other - still working - 
scripts don't include these modules). It seems that the flow of execution 
gets stuck on these two modules. However, there is no issue when this 
SPARQLMotion scripts is invoked 'directly' via a web-service call. 
Therefore, my question is whether there are any limitations regarding the 
modules that can be used in a SPARQLMotion script if it is invoked through 
a SPIN function call, like the one shown below: 

*SELECT* ?answer


                *BIND* (<http://example.com/sripts/test#MyFunction>(?arg1) 
*AS* ?answer)


If these limitations cannot be surpassed, are there any alternatives that 
support invocation through a SPARQL endpoint? 

Thank you,

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