I am new to the version 5.5.2 of TopBraid Composer Free Edition (for Mac) 
(and a newbie at this type of applications, one could say). I am trying to 
import a RDF/XML-abbreviated file created with TBC 3.0 for Windows, and 
although it seems that I have managed to import the file into a newly 
created project in TBC 5.5.2 (through Project Explorer, right click on 
Project, Import, General, Archive File, and I have selected a Zip 
containing the folder of an old project), I am not able to see the classes 
and properties from the original RDF file that I would like to use (in 
fact, from none of the files in the folder). Do you have any idea what the 
problem is, or any advice? Is there a detailed guide where I can see the 
steps to import a RDF/XML-abbreviated file?

Many thanks.

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