I have tried to make the QUDT units ontology (pre-loaded) accessible via 
GraphQL and failed...

If I include it into a empty data graph I can traverse and inspect all the 

I can set the search root to be, for example Unit

I then add  statements like this to the graph root object..

  graphql:publicClass qudt:Unit ;
 teamwork:mainClass qudt:Unit ;
  teamwork:rootClass qudt:Unit ;

but the Unit class does not show up as an option the the GraphQL schema:

{ _rootTypeShapes {
} }


  "data": {
    "_rootTypeShapes": []

I also tried loading the file into an ontology, running OWL->SHACL then 
defining the graphqL public classes,  and incuding into the data graph.  
Still navigable and not queryable.

even if i wanted to, I  cannot import the file - it complains about having 
classes defined.

And in the search panel the search class is listed, but it doesnt offer the 
class hierarchy and the search box is greyed out.

I also tried building the lucene indices.

What exactly is the requirement for GraphQL to be enabled? - and can anyone 
provide an example recipe that works to allow query for any or all of the 
various models available in EDG by default.

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