#20151: Fix parse_virtual_addr_network minimum network size
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Comment (by eternaleye):

 I disagree with your assessment of the variable names - in particular, the
 old names refer to the minimum/maximum length of the ''network prefix'',
 which matches convention. The error message refers to a larger ''network''
 (i.e., one containing more addresses). Both of these are entirely
 sensible, IMO, even together. The former is the normal way to discuss
 allocations, while the latter is a less technical framing of the problem.

 It would likely be clearer, however, if the variable name was

 In addition, the thinko was most likely around the IPv6 guideline that
 each host should get a /64, and so the author of that code was intending
 to ensure the ability to allocate ''2^16^ /64s'' (and actually mandated
 the ability to allocate 2^24^, possibly due to "IPv6 should let people
 have more room than IPv4").

 However, the addresses allocated by VirtualAddressNetworkIPv6 are not
 actually hosts (they're services), and as a result, should have fully-
 specified addresses, not prefixes. This is, in fact, part of the reason
 IPv6 instructs that each host should get a /64.

 As a result, using /104 as the maximum prefix length seems entirely
 sensible to me.

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