#20153: VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 man entry should say "[FC00::]/7"
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Comment (by grarpamp):

 Also, the correct form is fc00::/7 without brackets.
 Brackets are used with URI's to delineate ports as in
 https://[fc00::1]:443/ .
 Addresses must also be written in lower case.
 I see numerous places in the manpage, and thus probably also in
 the code that need fixed to not use brackets and be lowercased.

 For tor purposes, I'd suggest to override the 'should represent'
 of 5952 and instead write/print output only in the full 32char
 form simply to make parsing easier for downstream consumers that
 may not utilize parsing libraries (tor tool script writers, etc).
 Or at least make a new 'FullIPv6Rep" config option for it.


 Somewhat related, relay fingerprints also need to be
 lowercased and without embedded spaces. I think there's
 a ticket on that too.

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