#20157: Don't force timezone=UTC when creating new calendar events
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 Currently, TorBirdy sets the Thunderbird internal timezone to UTC to avoid
 leaking the user's location when sending emails. However, this carries
 through to the Calendar functionality [1] and now when I create a new
 event it defaults to Europe/London timezone.

 For usability, this should still be in the user's own local timezone - I
 think there is not much security value in forcing this to UTC for everyone
 since you're already trusting your calendar provider with quite a lot of
 information. (Or at least default to local tz, and allow the user to
 explicitly override it to UTC.)

 [1] This was integrated into recent Thunderbird versions, you should be
 able to see it in your "add-ons", as either "Lightning" or "Iceowl"

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