#12799: fingerprints - descriptor Space removal, case normalization
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Changes (by grarpamp):

 * severity:   => Normal


 > teor mentioned, in an unrelated ticket
 > You might have been thinking of the OnionOO query syntax.

 Was thinking the consensus and [sys]log files and control port of this

 > This would be ok for output, but for input, we need to keep accepting
 both forms.

 Fixing the output and docs will cause input to gravitate that way by
 example, which is cool, yielding possible de-acceptance point in future.

 Looking around the net at various usage and rationales, lower case hex
 seems highly preferred these days... no visual character ambiguity,
 requires no keyboard or spoken shift key, no case insensitive flags to
 regexes or extra 'tolower'ing step, matches output of hash tools, etc.

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