#20168: Clarify our #if{n}def by commenting what they are at the 
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 Ok that's an easy one!

 The idea is to improve our comments in the .h/.c files where we have a
 `#ifdef BLAH` and the corresponding `#endif` is at least a non negligible
 amount of lines after. Of course that goes without saying to also comment
 the `#ifndef`. Pattern would look like this:

 #ifdef BLAH
 [some non negligible amount of lines]
 #elif /* BLAH */
 [some other amount of lines]
 #endif /* BLAH */

 According to nickm, the current situation is:

 Our headers have 27 #endifs with a comment, and 435 without.

 Good example is `or.h`:
 #ifndef TOR_OR_H
 [5000+ lines in between]
 #endif /* TOR_OR_H */

 This file `src/or/shared_random.h` is a good example of what it could look

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