#20171: Tell 0.2.8 fallback directory operators that their relays are on the 
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Comment (by teor):

 I have already contacted the following relay operators, because their
 relay details changed, or their relays were down:
 ATo - 0C2C599AFCB26F5CFC2C7592435924C1D63D9484
 DinoaurTor1 - FCB6695F8F2DC240E974510A4B3A0F2B12AB5B64
 wagner - 5525D0429BFE5DC4F1B0E9DE47A4CFA169661E33
 snowfall - 823AA81E277F366505545522CEDC2F529CE4DC3F
 armbrust - E781F4EC69671B3F1864AE2753E0890351506329
 PedicaboMundi - 14419131033443AE6E21DA82B0D307F7CAE42BDB
 ins0 - 01A9258A46E97FF8B2CAC7910577862C14F2C524
 kyrtor - 6A640018EABF3DA9BAD9321AA37C2C87BBE1F907
 freespeech4thedumb6 - A1EB8D8F1EE28DB98BBB1EAA3B4BEDD303BAB911

 There's no need to contact them again. I'll need to make sure I exclude
 them from the generated list.

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