#20179: Require absolute path for `$TARBALLTARGETDIR` in `src/main/resources
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 The comment in `src/main/resources/create-tarballs.sh` says that "OUTDIR
 and TARBALLTARGETDIR have to be given absolute or relative to WORKDIR",
 but a relative path for `$TARBALLTARGETDIR` doesn't work anymore since
 that script also updates symlinks (commit 94278aa).  Here's what the
 script is running on the main CollecTor instance with default values:

 cd /srv/collector.torproject.org/collector/
 ln -f -s -t archive/bridge-descriptors/statuses/ ../data/bridge-

 That last path does not exist, so `ln` places a link to that non-existant
 path into its `archive/` directory structure.  So, this won't work with a
 path that is relative to `$WORKDIR`, which is required for creating
 tarballs.  I'd say it's easiest to just require an absolute path there.
 At least that's how I resolved the issue on the main CollecTor instance.

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