#20162: reduce configuration paramaters in collector.properties
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Comment (by karsten):

 Sounds good.  Some suggestions to start this process:

  - Remove the following six config options that could be used to disable
 downloading certain descriptor types in the relaydescs module:
 `DownloadCurrentConsensus`, `DownloadCurrentMicrodescConsensus`,
 `DownloadCurrentVotes`, `DownloadMissingServerDescriptors`,
 `DownloadMissingExtraInfoDescriptors`, and
 `DownloadMissingMicrodescriptors`.  These can all be hard-coded to `true`,
 which is also their current default value.  I'd argue that whoever sets up
 a CollecTor instance to download relay descriptors from the directory
 authorities will likely want to download all available descriptor types.
  - Remove the `ReplaceIpAddressesWithHashes` option but hard-code it as
 `true` rather than the current default value `false`.  There shouldn't be
 sanitized bridge descriptors with IP addresses ``, but those
 should all be replaced with IP address hashes.
  - While we're at it, replace the default value of
 `BridgeDescriptorMappingsLimit` with `90`, because that's a much more
 reasonable default for a production setting than `inf`.  (And while we're
 at this, there's also a bug that makes `inf` do something different than
 one would expect, but I didn't file that one yet.)  However, let's keep
 this config option in case we ever want/have to reprocess past bridge

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