#20103: Crash on OpenBSD: tor invoked from Tor Browser 6.0.4
 Reporter:  attila                       |          Owner:
     Type:  defect                       |         Status:  needs_review
 Priority:  High                         |      Milestone:  Tor:
                                         |  0.2.9.x-final
Component:  Core Tor/Tor                 |        Version:  Tor:
 Severity:  Normal                       |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  bug regression 028-backport  |  Actual Points:
Parent ID:                               |         Points:
 Reviewer:                               |        Sponsor:

Comment (by arma):

 I looked over the patch very briefly and it looks plausible (and also
 complicated in its effects).

 Assuming for the moment that it is the right patch though: are there
 things we should do to remove this trap for future developers? Maybe a
 huge comment would be an easy first step? And maybe "precompute the answer
 to what that macro was about, and locate where in the code the answer
 might change, and only change it then" as another step?

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