#20199: auto-joining password-protected XMPP group chats does not work
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 Tor Messenger can auto-join XMPP group chats. However, when I start Tor
 Messenger, I puts password-protected chats on hold instead of prompting me
 for a password or retrieving the password from the built-in password

 Even worse, I found no way to activate the conversations that were put on
 hold. When I open them, an empty chat window is shown. All I can do is to
 to close them and re-open them via File → Join chat…, entering all details

 While you are at it, in the Join chat dialogue, the default value for the
 Server field (irc.$XMPP_SERVER) is not very helpful. The customary value
 for XMPP is conference.$XMPP_SERVER.

 (I'm sorry if this should go to Instantbird's bug tracker – it seems to be
 offline or closed, like the Instantbird wiki.)


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