#20201: Update docstring for parse_bridge_line() in src/or/config.c
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 It's pretty out-of-date.

  /** Read the contents of a Bridge line from <b>line</b>. Return 0
   * if the line is well-formed, and -1 if it isn't. If
   * <b>validate_only</b> is 0, and the line is well-formed, then add
   * the bridge described in the line to our internal bridge list.
   * Bridge line format:
   * Bridge [transport] IP:PORT [id-fingerprint] [k=v] [k=v] ...
  /* private */ bridge_line_t *
  parse_bridge_line(const char *line)

 The return types are totally different that specified, and the function
 does not add a well-formed bridge line to the internal bridge list as

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