#20216: Iran blocking of vanilla and obfs3, 2016-08 and 2016-09
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Comment (by joss):

 Hi All,

 Just for a little extra context, we also have code to run the anomaly
 detection system on both normal and bridge usage, and only report a period
 as anomalous when there is an anomalous drop in normal usage and a
 corresponding anomalous rise in bridge usage. (Or vice versa, actually.)

 The nice thing about the system we're working with here is that it's
 designed to exclude anomalies that are seen over a reasonable number of
 other countries, so it should only highlight per-country anomalies in

 As noted, Iran did experience this combined bridge/normal anomalous
 period, but there's been a quick drop back to non-anomalous behaviour for
 combined bridge usage. I really should be running this on the per-
 transport graphs...

 For isolating events like this in the future, I'd be happy to work at
 getting this code running with regular outputs like the infolabe-anomalies
 mailing list  that  David mentioned. I'm wary of flooding too much data
 out there, though. Do let me know if there's something that would be of
 particular interest.

 I could just output a list and output graph every day for any country that
 experiences these 'combined' anomalies. Over the five years of data we
 have, and 102 countries that meet our data criteria, we've spotted about
 480 events where there are both types of anomaly simultaneously, so these
 events are relatively rare.

 I'll attach a recent combined anomaly Iran graph for reference.

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