#18910: distributing descriptors accross CollecTor instances
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Comment (by iwakeh):

 Please review the seven commits on top of
 -first-sync this branch].

 There are two new packages:
 `sync` for sync-merge functionality and `persist` as new modular way to
 persist descriptors (currently file-system, but could be extended or
 changed in future).  The latter should step by step be used for all
 persisting of descriptors, i.e. be used instead of the `store*` methods
 throughout the various modules.  (that is useful for removing the tight
 circular coupling of ArchiveWriter, DescriptorDownloader and
 DescriptorParser for example).

 Persisting is based on `DescriptorPersistence` defining methods for
 storing.  The classes extending `DescriptorPersistence` just need to
 define the explicit storage path.  For convenience
 `PersistenceUtils`provides date-time to string methods. Thus, providing
 methods for code that is repeatedly defined in the current code base.

 `CollecTorMain` extends `SyncManager` in a way that all synchronization
 options can be configured during runtime, i.e. syncing of a module can be
 turned on or off and sources can be changed without restart.

 (I'll add package-info later for the two packages.)

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