#20335: ReferenceChecker causes OOM
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Comment (by iwakeh):

 Suggestion for, how to separate statistics:

 Well, mostly the code for the stats tries to implement database
 functionality, i.e. persistence between runs, queries, and cleaning data
 items that are too old.

 I think a simple hsqldb would be fine here. This needs just the hsqldb
 dependency (available in debian).  It creates the db if it is not there,
 below the stats path for example.   The data could be written from the
 newly introduced *Persistence classes.  The clean-up would be just a query
 per table (there are foreign keys and cascades available).  Schema and
 access rights are delivered with inside collector.jar hidden from the
 user. So, there is some freedom to adapt and change with time.

 An additional benefit would be that this db could be queried by command
 line for additional information. Or, the date could easily even be
 transferred to a 'real' dbms for continuous analysis, if necessary.

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