#20244: Move privacy checkboxes to about:preferences#privacy (proposed)
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Changes (by mcs):

 * status:  needs_review => needs_revision


 Replying to [comment:2 arthuredelstein]:
 > I've written patches for this, because it's going to make the problems I
 encountered in #18093 much easier to solve.

 Kathy and I reviewed and ran with all of the patches. Nice work! Comments

 > There are 6 patches here (in which I remove checkboxes one by one and
 then clean up the UI):
 > https://github.com/arthuredelstein/torbutton/commits/20244

 * There is a typo in the commit message for
 38f3653b89ce3790d75b8652316f7381158d0af3 ("Bug Bug").
 * You sometimes treat `privacy.thirdparty.isolate` as a Boolean pref,
 which does not seem correct.
 * When I clicked the button in about:plugins to enable plugins, no warning
 prompt was displayed. Possibly related, there is no default value for
 `plugins.disable` which caused this to appear on the browser console:
 16:26:17.523 NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED: Component returned failure code:
 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [nsIPrefBranch.getBoolPref]1
 * Please remove the following from
 * Can we reduce the height of the preferences window? I cannot remember
 how the height is determined, but on OSX there is now a lot of extra space
 below the slider. Or maybe it is just remembering an old height that I set
 by resizing.

 > and 2 patches here (where I add two checkboxes to the
 about:preferences#privacy page):
 > https://github.com/arthuredelstein/tor-browser/commits/20244
 > Note that the last torbutton patch adds an overlay so that the our
 translated checkbox labels can be temporarily applied to the
 about:preferences page. If Mozilla uplifts these to Firefox and translates
 the labels themselves, then we won't need this overlay any more.

 * In the tor-browser patches, should we use the same labels as we have in
 src/chrome/locale/en/torbutton.dtd? Or did you intentionally make them
 different to verify that the overlay was working?
 * Should we include the access keys in the overlay so they can be

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