#18910: distributing descriptors accross CollecTor instances
 Reporter:  iwakeh             |          Owner:  iwakeh
     Type:  enhancement        |         Status:  needs_review
 Priority:  High               |      Milestone:  CollecTor 1.1.0
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Comment (by karsten):

 Replying to [comment:35 iwakeh]:
 > Replying to [comment:31 karsten]:
 > > Regarding your comment 29, yes, picking shorter names sounds fine to
 me.  I would avoid renaming existing config options, but picking better
 names for new config options or values sounds great.  Please prepare a
 commit with the described changes.  Thanks!
 > Please review
 -first-sync-2&id=36d0b44f95d0cbf4cd38eb1dfd8a0584ffb7f194 this commit]
 with the additional changes.

 Thanks!  Here are some minor comments on 36d0b44:

  - Should we hold back the four `*Sync*` options until there's actual
 support for syncing?  I don't feel strongly about this, because we're
 going to add syncing support really soon.  But just in case you say "oh
 wow, I totally forgot to take them out, let me fix that!", okay.  Either
 way works for me.

  - The new options `RelayLocalOrigins` and `BridgeLocalOrigins` each only
 accept a single path.  Should we rename them to singular then?  Again,
 don't feel strongly.

  - The new option `BridgeSources` does not support `Remote` as stated in
 the comment of `collector.properties`.

  - Totally unrelated to this commit: should we kill the updateindex module
 and instead have an `IndexManager` with a `synchronized update()` method
 that gets called at the end of each module?  Happy to move this to another
 ticket, but it just came to mind while looking at all the options...

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