#20367: Add Firefox cookie manager button or modify Tor Button
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 Tor Browser has no fast way to add or modify cookie exceptions.  If users
 don't want to allow cookies on all sites by default, they must open
 Options >Privacy >Exceptions, to add each page as needed.  Time involved
 adds up.

 Since addons aren't recommended, could either modify Tor Button cookie
 manager to handle exceptions, or put a shortcut to Firefox's cookie
 exceptions on the tool bar.  There are addons that add a Firefox native
 cookie manager button, but might hurt anonymity.

 However it's done, it'd be nice if there was an option to allow the
 current page - essentially setting a Session Cookie exception, like most
 cookie managers do.  Instead of C&P.  Firefox native cookie manager leaves
 much to be desired.

 Now, unless you leave Firefox Options tab permanently open, when Options
 GUI is closed, it reopens to the General section.  Making repeatedly
 accessing the cookie manager a pain.

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