#19642: Add a descriptor line for Single Onion Services
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                                                 |  0.3.0.x-final
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  prop224, TorCoreTeam201609                     |
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Changes (by teor):

 * status:  needs_information => needs_revision


 Whatever we call it, here's what I think it means:

 The service is a single onion service. It may make direct connections to
 introduction and rendezvous points. Clients should make 3-hop connections
 to introduction and rendezvous points, to avoid having their connections
 blocked by upcoming relay defenses against one-hop hidden service proxies.

 I am happy to use single-onion-service, as I think it's unlikely we'll
 implement prop 252-style services (services that extend to an ORPort), and
 if we do, they will have their own link specifier type and semantics,
 distinct from single onion services as now implemented.

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