#19661: tor refuses to use /dev/null as a config file
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Comment (by asn):

 Hmmm, thought about this some more.

 The patch here does not whitelist /dev/null specifically. Instead, it
 makes `file_status()` accept any character device and return it as "a non-
 empty regular file, or a FIFO on unix-like systems". We use
 `file_status()` in various places in the codebase, like when
 opening/saving the torrc, or state files, or crypto keys.

 I wonder if there are any operations that we can't do with a character
 device file that are required for the features above (like seek, or
 unlink, or whatever).

 I did some tests by setting my state file and my consensus file to be a
 character device, and everything worked fine because Tor just replaced
 them. I'm just wondering if there is some crazy Unix thing that might bite
 us here. But I guess this can only occur if our users specify a character
 device file themselves, so that's OK.

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