#18910: distributing descriptors accross CollecTor instances
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Comment (by karsten):

 So, I reviewed about half of your -3 branch now but still more time
 tomorrow to finish the review.  Here's a quick suggestion though:

 Should we put out a new metrics-lib release tomorrow that this branch will
 be "based on"?  I could imagine having the following changes in that
 metrics-lib release:

  - `DescriptorIndexCollector` is the new default.

  - That same class uses `/index/index.json[.gz]` as path if it only
 receives a base URL.  I believe I suggested such a thing on #20039.

  - metrics-lib master already contains a fix that would be useful to have
 for new CollecTor operators: "Avoid running into an IOException and
 logging a warning for it." (#20320)

 Note that I'm not suggesting to fix the 2G file size thing in that
 release.  Let's stay realistic. ;)

 If we do this, are there any other metrics-lib changes that we should
 include in the release that would help us with this CollecTor change?

 More feedback on the -3 branch tomorrow.  Please don't amend the commits
 in that branch until then.

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