#20289: HS_DESC event while waiting for upload
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Comment (by twim):

 Replying to [comment:3 meejah]:
 > If any kind of delay or random jitter is still left in, though, it would
 be nice to tell controllers that because then they can provide e.g. an
 update every 1 second if they want. (I.e. if the controller knows it'll be
 5.3 seconds until any `HS_DESC UPLOAD` events can possibly arrive, that
 can be easily factored into a progress display).

 The problem here is that this jitter is unpredictable so nobody knows when
 `HS_DESC UPLOADED` is going to arrive. I think there is enough info from
 tor since it's all what tor does know. So controllers (client apps) are
 still can update every second and tell that there is no `UPLOADED` has

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