#20401: minor memory leak in threadpool_queue_update()
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 Running Tor ish on moria1 for a day under valgrind, I found
 ==37985== 128 bytes in 8 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 33 of
 ==37985==    at 0x4A06A2E: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:270)
 ==37985==    by 0x269C27: tor_malloc_ (util.c:150)
 ==37985==    by 0x26B5A5: tor_malloc_zero_ (util.c:178)
 ==37985==    by 0x21E39E: worker_state_new (cpuworker.c:44)
 ==37985==    by 0x26FD1C: threadpool_queue_update (workqueue.c:363)
 ==37985==    by 0x21E25C: cpuworkers_rotate_keyinfo (cpuworker.c:187)
 ==37985==    by 0x14D3E9: signal_callback (main.c:2173)
 ==37985==    by 0x2B8FFA: event_signal_closure (in
 ==37985==    by 0x2B9CE9: event_process_active_single_queue (in
 ==37985==    by 0x2BA3BF: event_process_active (in
 ==37985==    by 0x2BAB23: event_base_loop (in /home/tord/git/src/or/tor)
 ==37985==    by 0x14A05E: do_main_loop (main.c:2370)

 Check out {{{git show a52e5491}}}, which went into Tor

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