#20348: kz no need tor, tor no need kz, if anybody want they can to use 
cyberoam assists bloody dictatorships.
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 So they using data from around world to detect if addr:port is about tor
 to add it with some signature or somethhing to every cyberoam box. Lisbeth
 first worked, then detected and stalled, and works again for a while. It
 was iat=0, and iat=1 now. It was cpu < 100% on some time since active
 usage (normal timings), 100% cpu (abnormal timings). Some of that + lag
 detection + lag new signature is about blockage Lisbeth in kz. Is it easy
 to disable iat or to fix cpu load for norm timings? Lets test!

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