#20761: Tor Browser 6.5a4 is ignoring additional SocksPorts
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:3 mcs]:
 > On the other hand, if we change Tor Launcher to always '''add''' a
 SocksPort (by changing Tor Launcher to pass `+SocksPort ...` on the tor
 command line) then we will run into two problems: (1) another SocksPort
 will be added each time the browser is started and (2) when the user
 toggles `extensions.torlauncher.socks_port_use_ipc` the previous SocksPort
 set by Tor Launcher will not be removed.

 As far as I know, the `+SocksPort ...` command-line argument doesn't write
 anything permanent to the torrc file, but just temporarily adds a
 SocksPort for the lifetime of the tor process being launched. So I don't
 think you will be accumulating more than two SocksPorts at a time.

 I wonder if you like the following approach:
 * When socks_port_use_ipc = false, omit passing a SocksPort argument
 altogether and just use the 9150 port created by the defaults_torrc file.
 Both torbirdy and Tor Browser will use the same socket at port 9150.
 * When socks_port_use_ipc = true, pass `+SocksPort
 /path/to/domain/socket`. In this case, you have two SocksPorts open (one
 domain socket for Tor Browser and one socket at port 9150 for torbirdy or
 other apps).

 Hopefully then we don't have to add any additional prefs.

 > Also, do we need to allow users to have more than one ControlPort too?
 My guess is that we do.

 If there are third-party apps that use the ControlPort, then it seems

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