#21216: Need a virtual host to run OnionPerf
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Comment (by karsten):

 Hi, and thanks for starting this discussion!

 I don't quite follow where the 500 GB number comes from.  You say there
 are 50 MB every few hours.  If we assume you mean every 4 hours, that's
 300 MB per day or ~50 GB per six months.  Should we maybe start with 50 GB
 and consider raising that number if we really need more?

 I'm also asking, because 500 GB disk space almost makes this service
 almost prohibitive for wider deployment, so I hope we'll find a way to
 require much less.

 Regarding ports, I'd hope that we can use port 80 for measurements rather
 than 8080.  Otherwise we'll measure the wrong thing.  This probably
 requires some firewall magic or privilege dropping.

 Regarding other ports, I'd say we don't need to make measurement results
 available for the moment.  We might reconsider later, but opening a port
 when we need it shouldn't be difficult, so let's start with as few ports
 open as necessary.


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