#23117: Link Tor Browser Bundle statically against musl libc
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 Right now it isn't possible to run the pre-compiled tor browser bundle on
 musl libc based Linux distributions.

 I have found a mail thread from musl users/developers discussing this
 subject, in which Rich Felker came up with the following proposal (to
 always statically compile against musl):
 > > One thing to note: the whole point of Tor Browser Bundle is to avoid
 > > all sorts of side-channel/information-leak risks associated with just
 > > using a normal web browser build on Tor. If anything showing that your
 > > Tor Browser Bundle is built against musl rather than glibc leaks out
 > > to the network, this would compromise much of the benefit of the
 > > package -- there are relatively few musl desktop users, and even fewer
 > > who use Tor Browser, so it becomes much easier to identify you. Of
 > > course it would be ideal if they _always_ used musl, and fully
 > > static-linked, so that there wouldn't even be any risk of glibc
 > > version information (from the system-wide glibc) leaking over the
 > > network.

 However, the thread ends with the following words, so I guess this never
 reached the tor developers:
 > I just tried to but my message was apparently rejected (not just held
 > for moderation) for not being a subscriber.


 So what is your point of view on this subject?

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