#23119: Make Tors no longer warn if they're running a newer-than-recommended
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 Right now, we need to get three dir auths to add lines to their torrc
 files before we can put out a new release. Sometimes, we screw that up
 (#23118). The rest of the time, it's still a hassle.

 One option is just to drop the recommendedversions thing entirely. I heard
 Sebastian and weasel discussing doing that.

 An intermediate option would be to have Tors stop warning when they're
 running a newer version in a series. That is, we mostly focus on having
 the recommendedversions thing warn you when you're too old, and we stop
 minding when we're too new.

 That way the dir auths only need to mess with their recommendedversions
 config when they're *un*recommending a version, which is an active
 decision that it's reasonable for directory authority operators to take.
 They never need to mess with them when some newer thing comes out (which
 should not need to involve a dir auth operator).

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