#23130: prop224: Synchronize spec with implementation (August 2017)
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 During implementation and reviewing we noticed a few more deviations of
 the implementation from the spec, and also some spec errors.

 Here is a list:

 1) `RENDEZVOUS2` is not identical to `RENDEZVOUS1` since rend points
 strips out the rend cookie.

 2) We use a replaycache for the rendcookie when parsing intro2 on the

 3) No legacy INTRODUCE cell anymore since that was not needed.

 4) We can have multiple intro onion keys with different types on the HS
 desc (see #22979)

 5) We need to mention the ed25519 base point in the spec since we use it
 hardcoded in the code.

 We might get more items here as client-side review moves forward.

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