#23143: latest TorBirdy release 0.2.3 breaks split-gpg in Qubes OS
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 It worked for a couple of days, then I had to disable the Memory Hole
 functionality (because it breaks communications with encrypted ticketing
 systems that do not implement the Memory Hole spec), and things went
 downhill from there.

 TorBirdy's interaction with Enigmail makes it such that Thunderbird cannot
 do any Enigmail-based functionality (decrypting, encrypting emails,
 viewing keyring, etc). Split-gpg continues to work fine outside

 I don't know if 0.2.3 includes assumptions about where gpg is? Or
 disabling Memory Hole doesn't bring Enigmail back to its previous state?
 In split-gpg the default gpg location is replaced with `/usr/bin/qubes-
 gpg-client-wrapper`. You can read more info about split-gpg here:

 In addition, on Fedora 25 I am unable to disable TorBirdy successfully, it
 crashes Thunderbird, and on re-starting Thunderbird TorBirdy is again
 enabled (and saying it will disable on re-start). That loop continues

 Disabling it in Thunderbird on Debian 9 works fine.

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