#22752: Assertion failure in consensus_cache_entry_handle_get on Windows
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Comment (by nickm):

 Replying to [comment:12 Vort]:
 > > I think this bug might be caused by the fact that (I think!) on
 windows, you can't unlink a file that's in use.
 > Yes, adding of `consensus_cache_entry_unmap` call hides "unlink"
 > attachment:unmap_hack.patch
 > But adds other ones, of course.
 > > But our code tries to unlink these files while they are still mapped.
 > Using of deleted file is a strange thing for me.

 It's pretty normal on Unix-derived systems.  Files are reference-counted,
 and not actually deleted until nothing else is using them.  The "unlink()"
 system call doesn't actually delete a file -- it just removes a name from
 from the filesystem. Only when all links and references are gone is the
 actual data deleted.  That's why it's called "unlink()" instead of

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