#23169: metrics site should explain why metrics are important and what we do to
make sure they're safe
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 In trying to answer the comments on https://blog.torproject.org/blog/we-
 enhanced-security-and-integrity-tor-metrics-supported-moss, I realized
 that our metrics site is just a bunch of graphs and stuff, with no easy-
 to-find explanation of *why* we collect stuff, what our goals are and why
 collecting these things will get us there, what our constraints are (e.g.
 which things we won't ever do even if they would also help us achieve our
 goals), etc.

 I see a little sentence under 'Philosophy' on the about page. That's a
 nice start.

 But explaining why metrics are worthwhile, when we're a privacy project,
 seems like something we should address directly rather than leave

 It might be that some of the safety board principles could be useful to
 articulate here:

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