#23207: Registration on trac seems to be counterintuitive
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 Description: When trying to register on this very website, using a
 username is rejected with the error "e-mail-address required". When using
 an e-mail-address to register it is not possible to change the displayed
 name to a username.

 Expected behaviour: Registration with a username should be possible with a
 username that is not an e-mail-address. If an e-mail-address is required
 this should be stated clearly.

 Proposed change: Change either the requirements for registration, or the
 name for account to display clearly the need for an e-mail-address.

 Note: I deleted this very account a few minutes ago as I thought it was
 just my mistake, but I could repeat the error. If possible I would like to
 change my username to the domain name (without dot) used in this e-mail-

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